Zoom Integration

(last updated February 9, 2023)

Enable Zoom integration in Timebook

Use Zoom meetings in Timebook events

Once you enable Zoom integration in Timebook, you can enjoy the benefits of using Zoom video meetings in Timebook events.

Every new Meeting, Appointment, or Poll now has the Video link option added. Copy the link dedicated to your event and share it with others.

Also, as a guest, you can join a Zoom meeting directly by either:

On top of that, if an event was recorded in Zoom, you can always find a link to the recording in the [Minutes] tab of the corresponding Event Card.


If the Timebook/Zoom integration is interrupted for any reason, you might see a request to sign back in to Zoom. This will show in the [Video call] section of an Event Card.

In such cases, press the [Sign in] button and provide your Zoom credentials in the resulting pop-up. The integration should be restored immediately and you can enjoy all Zoom features during your event.

Disable Zoom integration in Timebook

Disable Zoom integration in Timebook